Lightswitch Celebrates Earth Day By Lighting 1st Ever Fashion Show For Emerging Green Builders NY (EGBNY)

Lightswitch is proud to have been part of the first ever “Project Earth Day” fashion show that featured emerging eco-friendly designers displaying their latest apparel and textiles made from organic or recycled fibers and found materials.

EGBNY members are creative professionals in the building, architecture, and interior design fields. Lightswitch, as a member of the parent organization USGBC, was pleased to take on the responsibility of designing and executing a fashion runway that was used for a student competition and a professional fashion show. They also designed the party and a merchandising area where the designs were on display.

Lightswitch was brought into this project because of its theatrical lighting expertise. The EGBNY members were looking for dramatic lighting that would tie in the runway and environmental features with the party and merchandising area.

Sarah Jakubasz, lighting designer for Lightswitch created an overall design that used as many eco-friendly lighting fixtures as possible. Lightswitch designers use eco-friendly fixtures whenever possible on all their projects. Sarah created an incredible design using Color Kinetics’ Color Blaze 72s and Color Blast 12s. She also designed custom compact florescent fixtures that were placed on each end of the bars. Lending a hand to this worthy cause was PRG who provided lighting gear and helped defray some of the rental costs.

ETC also pitched in by donating some HID Source Four ellipsoidal fixtures. These fixtures use a fraction of the power of a standard Tungsten halogen lamp. Barco donated T5 Florescent Fixtures that were used as accent lighting under the runway.

Howard Werner, principal lighting designer of Lightswitch says, “We were thrilled to be part of this momentous project. As designers ourselves it gave us great pleasure to spotlight emerging designers in other fields especially designers that keep our planet and its resources in mind when creating their fashions. We at Lightswitch are eco-conscious people and are committed to energy efficient design. We are proud to have on our staff two LEED Accredited Designers. I hope we can be part of the 2nd annual ‘Project Earth Day’ next year.” Werner went on to say, “I want to thank the manufacturers that donated and helped us put this event together. It is because of companies like this that care about our environment that we were able to create such a beautiful event.”

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