Holiday House Lighting We Love

Holiday House Lighting We Love

We've been looking at holiday house lighting for weeks now and just had to share some of our favorites. Happy Holidays from everyone at Live Design and LDI.


At the top of our list is a tribute to the Purple One, because Prince spelled joy for so many. RIP.


How it took this long for someone to mix various themes from Star Wars with Bruno Mars' delightful merriment is beyond  us!


Who doesn't love a little rock 'n' roll with their holidays? When it's AC/DC, we do!


Not only do these folks have incredible holiday lights, but they're filmed drone-style for a really cool perspective.


Okay, so this one was from Halloween, but it's more AC/DC, so c'mon, don't be a Grinch!


Who can resist a little Mannheim Steamroller and Trans-Siberian Orchestra mash-up for the holidays? Okay, so it's an hour-plus of footage, but you can fast-forward!


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