Dodd Technologies’ Door Is Always Open At FOH

The front of house set up for most corporate and entertainment events consists of nothing more than consoles and monitors on risers, banquet chairs, and--if you’re lucky--a pipe and drape surround. Dodd Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is aiming to change all of that.

DTI stages and produces events for companies in the Fortune family, other industry leaders, and many well-known national and international associations. Traveling across North America and around the world, DTI crew have experienced nearly every type of FOH set up imaginable. At a recent gig in Las Vegas at the RIO All Suites Hotel and Casino, a bit of theatre and “home” found its way to FOH.

For the show, a residential, roll-on/off, door prop, painted a bright PMS 485 red, was constructed for an opening segment. The day before the event, which attracted nearly 4,000 people, the segment was cut. DTI’s scenic folks had done a bang-up job on the door prop and didn’t want to simply shove it backstage. The solution? Use it as an entry to FOH.

Thanks to a client with a great sense of humor, Indianapolis-based meetings company Business Media Group and its client, Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems, the DTI FOH door stayed put throughout rehearsals and the entire event. Those who entered FOH knocked…as they should. Everyone working and/or visiting FOH felt right at home.

As load out began, a small group of DTI’ers were seen meeting with a home improvement specialist about the next generation FOH…keep the door, of course…add a lock and perhaps a door bell, a welcome mat, a couple of windows, a mailbox, maybe even a fridge and a microwave. Hey, even FOH’ers get hungry during a gig.

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