Coemar Shines A Light On Italy And China

Italian light manufacturer Coemar provided lighting during a recent Italian government mission to China, the prime minister accompanied by four ministers, the chairman of the Confederation of Italian Industries, and 600 businessmen met with top Chinese leaders. Formal events alternated with festivities such as the concert to mark the opening in Guangzhou of the Third International Small and Medium Industries Fair/Chinese-Italian Small and Medium Industries Fair.

The event was staged for delegations and guests in a vast auditorium, where a battery of Coemar’s iSpot S handled the gigantic show. Coemar’s presence is growing in the Chinese market, thanks to some joint ventures. The lighting for the event was provided by lighting designer Hu Jia, the Guangdong Singing and Dancing Performer Group, and lighting operator and image designer Liu Feng Shu.

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