A Podium for the Pope

Space Cannon Illuminates Mobile Platform For The Pontiff

Sunday, June 3, saw the inauguration in Rome of a new podium structure, the new mobile platform which replaces the previous one, for the Pope in St. Peter Square.

The covering structure includes 196 lights by Space Cannon, in cooperation with Global Service Corporation's Piero Roberto Pippo. The 10W fixtures feature Lumileds' Rebel LEDs.

Pier Carlo Cuscianna engineered the structure; architect Resmini designed it. The SüdTirol Companies (Alfred Larcher and Ivo Barth) took on technological matters, materials, and manufacturing. If closed, the structure has the same features and dimensions of a standard trailer, so it can travel and be mounted in few minutes via its remote devices and touchscreen controls.

The electro-hydraulic opening system is electronically controlled: the stage has the dimensions of 4m in height and 100sq-m in plan. First, four modules slide to compose the base, then the telescopic pillars rise, and finally, the cover wings unfurl. The self-propelled structure is made in stainless steel and aluminum.

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