Spread The Word About Behind The Scenes

Do you know someone in the industry who is having a hard time paying the rent because he or she has been out of work due to a serious injury? Or maybe you know someone battling cancer who met the cap on their health insurance long ago and is struggling to come up with enough money to purchase their medications every month. These are the people Behind the Scenes is trying to help.

Anyone in the entertainment technology industry residing in the U.S. or Canada who has been working full time in the industry for a minimum of five years may apply for a grant. Immediate family members including spouses, domestic partners and dependent children may also qualify for assistance.

Do you work at a regional theatre? Are you a touring technician? Do you work for one of the industry dealers or manufacturers? Are you an IA stagehand or a freelance technician? A designer, a TD or a production manager? A sales person or a repair technician? Behind the Scenes was created to help you and your colleagues in times of need.

An applicant needs to complete the Application for Assistance which can be downloaded from The ESTA Foundation website. If the industry member is too ill, a family member or friend may complete the application. Requests for assistance are usually reviewed within a few days of receipt and, if approved, a check is sent immediately.

Please help us spread the word that Behind the Scenes can provide assistance to our colleagues in need. Let others on your crew, in your office, or at your local know about the program. Help the industry take care of its own.

For more information, visit www.estafoundation.org/bts.htm.