Go Behind-the-Build With All Access: Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show and Beyond

All Access Staging provided the full scope of event staging for Super Bowl LVIII, handling everything from opening night through the post-game festivities – not to mention the always spectacular halftime show. With a nod to the glamor of Las Vegas, the entire production sparkled from start to finish.


The Apple Music halftime show was produced by Roc Nation and DPS with production design by Tribe, Inc., and creation direction by Silent House and Aakomon Jones.

The set design consisted of a dynamic main stage with an immersive video floor, amplified by an array of effects, including lasers, hazers, flashing lights, and fog. Wrapped in LED, the main center stage, along with band area and ramps leading to two wing stages, spanned more than 118 linear feet on 20 custom carts.

An additional cart was used for the throne stage, which utilized the stair system developed for Super Bowl LVII, in which the stairs flipped up onto the cart. This allowed for maximum use of space while creating the illusion of sitting directly on the grass.

“The throne cart, also called the entrance cart, used the flipping stair system that we designed for Rihanna because it was so successful,” said All Access technical design supervisor Matt Carter.

A noteworthy technical design undertaking was the unique curved shape of the band area, a logistical area that demanded precision. “We integrated the downstage section of the band area into the mainstage carts to ensure a seamless match in curvature,” All Access technical design and development manager Joey Brennan explained. This approach facilitated quick deployment during showtime -- a crucial factor when assembling an entire set within a commercial break.

Another interesting aspect of this year’s set was the array of surfaces incorporated into the set pieces. The main stage, wing stages, and ramps were outfitted with video tile. The band area used grated decks to accommodate fog machines and lighting effects. Rather than opting for standard Versa grated decks, the team built custom shaped grated decks, working meticulously to ensure a seamless grating pattern, guaranteeing a flawless, camera-ready finish.

“A defining feature of this show were the performers gliding on roller skates. Ensuring all surfaces were roller skate-friendly presented numerous opportunities for creative problem-solving,” said All Access lead project coordinator Tommy Rose. “From plexiglass to Lexan, grating to carpet, aluminum to wood, and even dance floors, we had it all. Each surface varied in thickness, requiring meticulous calibration and rigorous testing prior to installation. A heartfelt acknowledgment goes out to our technical design department for their exceptional performance and commitment to excellence.”

All Access integrated dancer poles into the ramps, which required careful engineering to accommodate the slope. The team also supplied the lighting carts positioned around the field perimeter, making halftime’s total cart count 29.

As always, All Access used the Versa field stage system, developed specifically for halftime shows. It uses the Versa deck and field stage support structure with pneumatic tires, designed to roll over sensitive areas without impacting grass or turf fields.


Field Tray Ramp

A major consideration of every halftime show is transporting the carts safely and efficiently through the stadium and up onto the elevated field. This year, the All Access team added an extension to the stadium’s house ramp to accommodate the width of the carts and crew. Additionally, they addressed the issue of the ramp’s abrupt transition by modifying the slope into the stadium, ensuring smooth and swift movement of the carts while maintaining safety standards.


Opening Night

The NFL kicked off Super Bowl LVIII on Monday, Feb 5 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Produced by Fiur Productions, All Access provided the opening night main stage, a 78-foot structure including the octagon stage, ramps, staircases, and a custom LVIII stair sign, utilizing 10 carts. To preserve the turf, All Access deployed their renowned Versa field stage system for the on-field event.

Opening Night



All Access also provided the staging for the pregame performances, including the National Anthem (by Reba McEntire), which included the platform for Reba and color guard cart.


Player Entrances, DJ Booth, & Walter Payton Trophy

Produced by Production Club, All Access provided the extravagant team entrances and brand new DJ booth. The player entrances extended from the locker room doors through the corridor and onto the field, adorned with flashing retro Vegas-style lights from wall to ceiling. Each team had its own tunnel and set of entrance carts with custom fascia, which broke into six sections, with three on each side of the entrance. Each tunnel boasted more than 1200 bulbs, not including the 600-plus bulbs in their respective entrance carts. They also integrated effects into the carts, including CO2 tanks and additional lighting effects.

This year’s Super Bowl debuted the first-ever in-game DJ. All Access contributed the versatile two-story structure that not only energized the game’s atmosphere but doubled as a presentation platform. All Access was also honored to provide the Walter Payton Award stage used to present the Man of the Year trophy.

Player Entrance


To cap off the day, All Access provided the octagon stage for postgame event coverage, including the custom LVIII stair sign. Fiur Productions managed the postgame productions.


Thank You

A tremendous thank you goes out to the entire All Access team for flawlessly executing yet another Super Bowl. Heartfelt gratitude to all involved who contributed to making yet another Super Bowl the most unforgettable event of the year.

  • Desiree Perez, Roc Nation
  • Bruce Rodgers, Tribe, Inc.
  • Dave Meyers, DPS
  • Baz Halpin, Silent House
  • Michael Fiur, Fiur Productions
  • Jennifer Bretschneider, Fiur Productions
  • Sophie Reeves, Production Club
  • Tim Fallon, Production Club
  • Griffin Behm, Production Club
  • Local One, Local 720
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