Flexible lighting installation for small production sites by ARRI Systems Group

You are considering going live or have already started streaming and want to raise your game? Audiences of all generations have come to expect a certain level of quality. Take advantage of industry standard lighting solutions from ARRI and maximize the effectiveness of your broadcast and create images you and your audience love.

ARRI Systems Group specified four lighting kits for small spaces that can be installed and easily controlled by anyone. Every kit is designed and specified as a turnkey system. Our solutions consider the absolute minimum number of lighting fixtures and lighting control for maximum effectiveness. Electrical distribution components and a simple modular lighting suspension solution are part of the package. A two-layered aluminum rail system with a manually moveable second layer allows for a generous amount of flexibility and substantial cost savings. Still, of course, our systems are scalable for any particular requests.


Mobile Kit basic

The Mobile Kit Basic is specified with two of ARRI’s award-winning Soft lights S30-C. Ideal for the perfect piece to camera presentation. Installed on mobile stands and controlled via ARRIs intuitive lighting control app, Stellar. The kit can be extended by a powerful battery for a portable operation of the two S30-C for up to 3 hours.

Lighting faces for livestream tutorial using ARRI Mobile Kit - Video 
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Studio Kit Small

This set has been designed for one talent. The recommended shooting distance is up to 13 ft. Learn more


Studio Kit Basic


This set has been designed for one or two talents and/or additional lighting for enhanced separation of one talent from the background. The recommended shooting distance is up to 13 ft. Learn more


Studio Kit Medium