ADJ LED Panels Hit The Road With Mexican Superstars Emmanuel & Mijares


Emmanuel & Mijares are both big stars in Latin-America, having each sustained illustrious recording careers over the past 30+ years. In late 2013 they decided to combine their talents when performing live to create the Two’r Amigos tour, which proved so successful that it is still on the road 6 years later. The pair recently decided to crank up the video production element of their show by adding an epic backdrop comprised of 792 ADJ AV2 video panels.

For the hugely popular Two’r Amigos tour Emmanuel & Mijares each perform individually many of their most popular hits, while also taking the stage together for parts of show singing duets from each of their impressive back catalogs. The tour has already played countless dates across Latin America as well as taking in many iconic venues in the USA including the theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York and the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. In their native Mexico they received an award from the prestigious Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City last year in recognition of a record 50 performances at the venue, most of which sold out.
Therefore it was fitting that this same 10,000-capacity venue was chosen for the debut of the tour’s impressive new video production earlier this year. Supplied to show producer AlmaShow Producciones by ADJ distributor Producciones Premium LT, the 792 ADJ AV2 video panels (with a total surface area of 198m²) are deployed to create 10 separate screens. Three central 4m x 3.5m displays, flanked on either side by two additional 2m x 3.5m screens, provide the backdrop for the two star performers and their band. Then, creating the centerpiece of the entire production, a curved 7m x 8m arrangement of panels hangs above the middle of the stage. This in turn is flanked by two final 9m x 4m screens, protruding from the sides of the central ‘barrel’ screen, angled towards stage left and right.
This impressive arrangement of video panels gives plenty of creative potential for enhancing the show. The screens are driven by a pair of ArKaos Stage Servers running Media Master software and are an integral part of the overall production. Some of the time pre-recorded video segments and animated video patterns are displayed across all ten screens, creating a backdrop that almost entirely fills the stage. At other points during the show, the separate sections are split up to display different content including live video footage of the stars of the show.
ADJ’s AV2 is a flexible high resolution video panel that offers easy serviceability, quick setup and integrated corner protectors, making it ideal for use on touring productions. With a tight pixel pitch of 2.97mm (0.17”), it offers a low minimum viewing distance of just 9.75ft. (2.97m), while its 1000NITs of brightness ensures vibrant visibility from the back of even the biggest of venue. In addition it features black-faced LEDs for outstanding contrast as well as offering up to 5-degrees of curve (either concave or convex) allowing for the creation of the type of visually-stunning curved screen arrangement created for this project.

“The decision to add ADJ’s AV2 video panels to the Two’r Amigos tour was made based on the quality and pitch of the screen, as well as the practical assembly system and excellent service provided by the company,” explains Francisco Estrada, CEO of Producciones Premium LT. “We consider it to be a very complete screen, it not only offers visual quality, but it’s also very simple to mount. Its practicality and the protection of each panel makes it very appealing."

Carlos Alvar

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