Time-Management Apps


Jump-start your day with a hardcore alarm clock like the Alarmy alarm clock app (iOs/Android), which makes you perform tasks like solving a math problem or snapping a pic of a known object to prove you’re out of bed. Once you’re up and running, stay focused with a surprisingly effective Pomodoro timer, which essentially breaks your work time into groups of 25-minute bursts, with five-minute breaks. (Try a free mobile app, desktop app, or browser extension.) If you’re tempted by cat videos and other Internet distractions, try browser extensions that block websites that you define, during hours that you define. RescueTime runs in the background, monitoring the amount of time you spend on applications and sites; the Productivity Owl Chrome extension lets you visit select sites for a predetermined time limit—an owl sits on your screen, counting down the seconds for you, then flies off, taking the page with him.

Time-Management Apps

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