Renderings For Lady Gaga's Enigma Las Vegas Residency


Lady Gaga's Enigma Las Vegas Residency in the Park Theatre at MGM Resorts features production design and lighting design by LeRoy Bennett. Designed to feel like an arena concert, the show brings the audience on a journey that spans across time as Lady Gaga navigates her past and present through a virtual world. In her search, she discovers Enigma, who is based on a character named Petga that was used in her past Artpop Tour. Possible produced and art directed the scenic video content in conjunction with Lumentech and Bennett, and The Mill produced the character Enigma.

As Lady Gaga’s inner voice, Enigma guides her through a simulation of the future. The result is an avant-garde, futuristic stage design. Click through the renderings, and read about the full stage and lighting design here.


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