Pyro and Lasers by Strictly FX at Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show


“This is our ninth Super Bowl with Bruce Rodgers and RK Productions,” points out Adam Biscow, production designer for Nashville-based Strictly FX, providers of the pyrotechnics and lasers for the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. “Our first one was SBXLVII with Beyoncé headlining. It was to say the least, an eye-opening experience. We learned a lot that year about how the process worked and what was expected. Why things are put together the way they are to get that world-class stage out there, cabled and powered, ready for show in seven minutes.” Click through the slideshow to learn more about the special effects.

Main pyro vendors at the SBLIV Halftime Show

Pyro Design Staff

  • Special Effects Supervisor: Adam Biscow
  • Assistant Coordinator: Kim Austgen
  • Pyro and Laser Programming/Design: Grant Sellers
  • Pyro Programming/Design: Justin Seedle
  • Crew Chief: Scott Bull Allen
  • Roof Crew Chief: John Lyons

FX Field Technicians   

  • Ben Markese
  • Briana Osorio
  • Eric Martinez
  • Vince Lopez
  • Tristen Ritz
  • Tony Alaimo   
  • Randy Herr
  • Jeremy Fox
  • Eric Mockovack
  • Eric Martinez

FX Roof Crew

  • Sam Jackson
  • Bill Petrina
  • Jeremy Fox
  • Wes Fiske
  • Tony Serrano
  • Matt Garrett

Laser Crew

  • Jackson Frazier
  • Nick Meyer

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