LUMA Projection Mapping Festival: Playground for Art and Technology

One Giant Leap by Favorite Color projection mapping

For the fifth year, projection mapping festival, LUMA, transformed downtown Binghamton, NY, into an immersive storytelling experience. From September 6-7, approximately 55,000 attendees witnessed the colorful and, sometimes interactive, art installations created by artists and mixed media professionals.

Spread across eight locations were Pandora’s Box by Maxin10sity, Sviatovid by BARTKRESA Studio, The Awakening by Light Harvest, One Giant Leap by Favorite Color, The Challenge by Freckled Sky, Cooperative Gallery’s Mural Mapping, DATANOVA by Ouchhh and Grandson Creative, and All Your Buildings Are Belong To Us, all brought to life with a total of 30 large venue 3-Chip DLP® laser projectors from Panasonic, the exclusive technology sponsor of LUMA.

Click through the slideshow to see this year's eight state-of-the-art projection mapping triumphs.


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