Lighting Products Of The Year And Excellence Awards Ceremony

Live Design named its 2013-2014 Lighting Products Of The Year, chosen by panels of prestigious designers and programmers in the discipline. Awards were presented Saturday, May 31st at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York during the Broadway Master Classes along with the Seventh Annual Excellence In Live Design Awards, chosen online by our readers.

For the Lighting Products Of The Year, Christian Hertel and Sebastian Wissman accepted the Software and Control award for Madrix 3, a LED lighting control software and "a very clever system in a compact package," according to one judge. Kevin Loretto received the Luminaire award for Robe ROBIN MMX WashBeam, which is a "revolutionary product" and "a bit of a freak of engineering, in a good way," comment two judges. Kim Moore accepted the Staging award for Staging Dimensions' Truss Picks, which "make for some fantastic solutions," says one judge. Noel Duncan accepted the Effect and Accessory award for Martin Professional MAC Viper Quadray, which "turns your fixture into the lighting equivalent of Medusa's head," quips a judge.

For the Excellence In Live Design Awards, Anaitté Vaccaro accepted an award for Boscaje Ilumindo in the Architainment category. It was designed exclusively for the Hyatt Place Bayamón & El Tropical Casino, and commissioned by PRISA Group to be something innovative and reminiscent of Puerto Rico. In Concerts, Craig Mitchell accepted the award for the Train, Mermaids of Alcatraz tour, submitted by LMG Touring, praised for its many features, including its lighting design by Brock Hogan with LMG providing all audio, video, and lighting. George Masek of A.C.T Lighting, Clay Paky’s North American distributor, accepted the award for the Venue (Club or Lounge) category for Rose.Rabbit.Lie, which blurs the lines between restaurant, bar, club, and show. The Live For Broadcast award went to the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, submitted by CAST Blacktrax. Bruce Freeman of CAST accepted the award for their performance in the demanding environment at Eurovision was deemed to have been exceptional.

Submitted by Solomon Group, the Civic Theatre in New Orleans won for the Venue (Theatre) category due to its meticulously preserving the Civic’s historical integrity, while bringing back the theatre’s former majesty. The recipients could not attend. Submitted by BlackOut Design, the 90th Anniversary of Premier Tech took the award for Corporate Event. BlackOut Design could not attend to receive the award for their unique 12 minute multimedia experience showcasing the essence of the company and its history. The award for Theatre Production went to Epic Rock, submitted by Stimulated, Inc., who also could not be at the event. The production converged classic rock with modern dance, interactive video, elements of nature, and steam punk fashion.

Additionally, Richard Pilbrow presented the Wally Russell Lifetime Achievement Award to Jules Fisher, creative consultant of the Broadway Lighting Master Classes.


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