Lighting Plots For Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

Super Bowl LII Halftime Show lighting plot

Lighting designer Bob Barnhart of 22° has shared the lighting plots for Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl LII Pepsi Halftime Show performance, with production design by Bruce Rodgers of Tribe, Inc, working with Timberlake's designer Nick Whitehouse and Josh Zangen with Fireplay.

All Access Staging and Productions built the set and staging, PRG supplied the lighting, VER provided video, ATK Audiotek did the sound, and Strictly FX designed and supplied lasers and pyro.

Click through the gallery to view the lighting plots, and check out the lighting credits and gear below.

Lighting Team Credits

  • Lighting Designer: Bob Barnhart
  • Lighting Directors: Dave Grill, Peter Radice Jason Rudolph
  • Assistant Lighting Directors: Vicky Corbalis, Harvey Fitzpatrick  
  • Lead Gaffer: Tony Ward
  • Gaffers: Keith Berkes, Dean Brown, George Clayton, Joe Faretta
  • Best Boy: Jose David Serralles
  • Network Designer/Systems Tech: Chris Conti
  • PRG Project Manager/Lead Tech: Robert Minnotte
  • PRG Lead Techs: Jeff Anderson, Matt Geneczko, Patrick Brazil
  • Spot Operators: Timothy Altman, Paul Bell Jr., George Sennefelder, John Warburton
  • Arch Light Tech: Quinn Smith
  • Drafting: Ben Green
  • Fiber Tech: Alex Ward
  • 28 Local 13 I.A.TS.E.

Lighting Gear List

  • 107 Philips Vari-lite VL4000 BeamWash
  • 16 PRG Bad Boy Spot
  • 30 PRG Best Boy Spot HP
  • 34 Claypaky Sharpy
  • 89 PRG Icon Edge
  • 67 GLP impression X1
  • 74 GLP GT-1
  • 30 GLP impression X4
  • Robe PixelPatt
  • 30 Martin by Harman Rush Par 2
  • GLP impression X4 Bar 20
  • 80 GLP JDC-1
  • 25 TMB Solaris Flare
  • Brite Box MT
  • 8 Brite Box LT
  • 1 Xenon Gladiator 4.5K
  • 16 Reel EFX DF-50 Diffusion Hazer
  • 16 Reel EFX fan
  • 1 Custom concert grand piano LED panel

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Lighting Plots For Super Bowl LII Halftime Show

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