John Mayer Tour Creates Window Into The World

John Mayer Tour Stage Design and Screen Visuals

The most challenging aspect of executing Mayer’s vision was time. “John’s other band, Dead and Company, wrapped a tour two weeks before this one,” concludes Pattinson. “Because of this, our usual design cycle was shortened a bit to allow for some needed downtime. Since we share a lot of crew positions with the Dead and Co. team, we had to wait for them to finish to grab a few key persons that had been remoting their pre-production duties. It was a balancing act for sure. Of course, no one wanted to compromise in our design choices, but we had to be sure to create something that was technically achievable in that timeframe. I’d be remiss not to give credit to Upstaging and their team’s support here. Without their help, we would have been significantly further behind when we arrived in Albany to present the design to John.”

John Mayer Tour Creates Window Into The World

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