John Mayer Tour Creates Window Into The World

John Mayer Tour Stage Design and Screen Visuals

“John delivers a set list anywhere from six hours to 30 minutes before showtime, and they are different every night, sometimes vastly so,” comments Alves. “The video team will give it a look over and ask me what color palette a song is in that night if it’s a new one to them. Our disguise tech will give me cue triggers for the individual video looks, and I trigger the entire show down a [MA Lighting] grandMA2 Full Size. Having everything come through one desk lets me adjust levels in realtime for all the elements. The left half of my console is a series of submasters for video, scenic, backlight, front light, etc. This keeps any one element from crushing the other.” Two disguise gx 2 media servers controlled the screens.

John Mayer Tour Creates Window Into The World

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