John Mayer Tour Creates Window Into The World

stage design and video design for John Mayer 2019 Summer Tour

Grammy Award-winning musician John Mayer spent his summer touring across North America with 27 stops, including two nights at the famous Madison Square Garden. Mayer had several ideas for the show look, which he shared with producer Sam Pattinson of Treatment Studio. Click through the slideshow to learn how Treatment Studio brought his vision to life. 

Design Team

  • Producer: Sam Pattinson (Treatment Studio)
  • Set Design: Sam Pattinson and Gareth Blayney
  • Video Creative Director: Damian Hale
  • Lighting Designer: Nathan Alves


  • Gareth Blayney
  • Lisa Wrake
  • Dave Shepherd
  • Susana Yamamoto
  • Frank Guzzone
  • Sean Capone
  • Olly Starkey
  • Alex Eckford
  • James Brocklebank

Production Crew

  • Lighting Crew Chief: Chris Coyle
  • Lighting Technicians: Andy Cimerman, Holly Lloyd, Josh Rahalski, Morgan Brownen, Nathan McClune, Jim Diekhoff, Gabe Vejar
  • Video Director: Jack Banks
  • Video Crew Chief / Engineer: Andy Glomski
  • D3 Technician: Clif Jackson
  • Video Technicians: Gabriel Lopez, Jordan Tarquino, Josh Sayan
  • Tour Manager: Ken Helie
  • Production Manager: Chris Gott
  • Riggers: Tell Agerter, Roland Castillo, Phillip Nilsen
  • Carpenters: Ron Czajkowski, Bryan Davis, Skyler Czajkowski

Production Companies

Lighting Equipment

  • 70 ACME Solar Impulse
  • 16 Robe BMFL Washbeam
  • 22 TMB Solaris FLARE
  • 48 Martin by Harman Sceptron 1000
  • 16 Martin by Harman Sceptron 320
  • 73 Chroma-Q Color Force II 72
  • 3 Chroma-Q Color Force II 48
  • 2 MA Lighting grandMA2 Full Size lighting console
  • 4 Base Hazer

LED/Video/Projection Equipment


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