GLP Celebrates 25 Years With Massive Celebration In Germany


Guests from around the world—designers, distributors, and dealers—joined in a nearly week-long celebration last week of GLP's 25 years in business. Guests from the Americas included designers LeRoy Bennett, Mark Butts, Paul “Arlo” Guthrie, Travis Shirley, and Ignacio “Iggy” Rosenberg, as well as representatives from dealers including Jake Tickle from Bandit Lites, Dave and Mike McKinnon from Felix Lighting, Randy Mullican from Main Light, and Ray Ziegeler of RZI Lighting. Aside from GLP founder and CEO Udo Künzler and board member Kasper Gissel, GLP US hosts included Mark Ravenhill, AnnaLise Laundrup, Brian Dowd, Carl Wake, Miles Dudgeon, Dave Barten, Jim Gregoery, and Brandon Jeffrey.

Scroll through the gallery for all the highlights. (All photos: Marian Sandberg)

GLP Celebrates 25 Years With Massive Celebration In Germany

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