Diamond Design for Bon Iver: Autumn Tour

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Longtime collaborators Michael Brown and Bon Iver have unleashed a groundbreaking design on the new Bon Iver Autumn Tour. In collaboration with Berlin-based WHITEvoid and Kinetic Lights, Brown and Bon Iver have used exciting new mirror-like technology to create dynamic lighting architecture inside arenas and on stages all over the world.

Touring Crew:

  • Production and Lighting Designer: Michael Brown
  • Clearwing Crew: Sam McKeown (Crew Chief), Bradley Rooks, Bartholomew Freed, Kelsey Gonzalez
  • Production Manager: James Dean
  • Stage Manager: Phil Riehl
  • Riggers: Neil Werries, Jeremy Bryden, Mike “Cosmo” Flannery
  • Carpenter: Jose “Pancho” Ramirez

Kinetic Lights/WHITEvoid GmbH

  • Art Direction Kinetics: Christopher Bauder
  • Project Director: Peter Thompson
  • Executive Producer: Lis Roncato
  • Mechanical Engineering: Johannes Langbein, Wagner Mardegan
  • Technical Managers: Florian Fink, Marc Liebold
  • Previz Kinetics: Lukasz Mroczkowski
  • Software Development: Corey Schneider, Manu Bossard
  • Kinetic Lights Technicians: Kenneth Danielsen, Franscesco Previtali


From Clearwing Productions:

  • 2 MA Lighting grandMA2 Light consoles
  • 1 MA Lighting grandMA2 on PC
  • 4 MA Lighting grandMA NPUs
  • 12 GLP impression X4s
  • 28 GLP impression X4
  • 36 GLP impression X4 Bar 20
  • 32 Martin MAC Viper Performance
  • 49 Robe MegaPointes
  • 16 Showline SL Nitro 510C
  • 58 Martin VDO Sceptron 10 – 322mm (sq diffuser)
  • 58 Martin VDO Sceptron 10 1m(sq diffuser)
  • 5 Martin P3 PowerPort 1500
  • 4 MDG Me2 hazers
  • 4 Martin AF 2 Fan
  • 6 5' sections Tyler GT truss
  • 76 8' sections Tyler GT truss
  • 5 Tyler Truss 90° corner
  • 22 Tyler GT truss lifting plate

From Kinetic Lights:

  • 75 Kinetic Lights winches
  • 75 Kinetic Lights square mirrors
  • 2 Kinetic Lights KLC3 control systems

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