Diamond Design for Bon Iver: Autumn Tour

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The team “pioneered spectacular looking technology that motion tracks specifically to the space of these mirrors. The mirrors can all move so as the light hits it, it can bend around the room.” As Brown describes, “The kinetic elements (mirrors) and the lighting combine to form the scenic element for this show. For folks that haven’t seen the production, we have a kinetic system of moving mirrors that can create endless geometric animations and configurations. These mirrors are edge-lit with LED, but more importantly, we can also track the movement of the mirrors with an array of Robe MegaPointes that are designed and spaced around the grid layout of the mirrors. This creates an effect where the beam of light is married to the movement of the mirror and can be used to create endless patterns of light that overlay onto the geometric patterns of the mirrors.”

Diamond Design for Bon Iver: Autumn Tour

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