Designing the First 2020 Democratic Debate: Part One, Sets

set design for first round Democratic Debate 2020

As a result, Clickspring based the backdrop around the end goal of the presidential campaign: The White House. “We formatted the LED to fit the architectural facade of the White House,” he describes. “We took some license with it but essentially the LED tile dovetailed into a scenic surround that was made up of etched, edge-lit acrylic featuring the architectural details for the White House, such as the pediment and the railings at the roof. We wanted to convey an iconic architectural line drawing of the White House at the beginning of the night that could then morph into myriad graphic looks.”

Designing the First 2020 Democratic Debate: Part One, Sets

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Brompton Technology’s Tessera LED processors were chosen by TDC – Technical Direction Company to deliver Australia’s first full Virtual Production.

In light : of the time features the drawings of Jamar Roberts, with text by Carl Hancock Rux and Hope Boykin, and lighting design by Alan C. Edwards.

Along with acoustical treatments, the Hall now features Bag End Crystal2-I mid-high speakers, two Bag End CDS-110"s and two Bag End bass columns