Designing the First 2020 Democratic Debate: Part One, Sets

set design for first round Democratic Debate 2020

Clickspring had to ensure the set could shoot well with all the necessary camera angles. “To get all 10 candidates on stage at once, it requires a lot of camera coverage. Candidate close-ups are shot from the back of the house, with close-up shots for NBC’s talent in reverse, in other words behind the candidates. And of course, there are all the relationship shots between the candidates as they argue. You don't really know where the conversation is going to come from. It could throw from one side to all the way across stage.”

Designing the First 2020 Democratic Debate: Part One, Sets

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Along with acoustical treatments, the Hall now features Bag End Crystal2-I mid-high speakers, two Bag End CDS-110"s and two Bag End bass columns