Designing the First 2020 Democratic Debate: Part One, Sets

set design for first round Democratic Debate 2020

Naturally, Clickspring wanted to create something interesting, but still make it flexible since the venue and number of candidates was unknown at the outset of the project. “A lot of decisions get made late in the process. Even the arrangement of where each candidate will stand gets figured out the week of the show,” says Aiello. A three day install and two days at most of tech rehearsals leaves little time for revamping. “We have to be ready to make changes on the fly and have a set that can flex to whatever the shooting needs are without destroying the concept.”

Designing the First 2020 Democratic Debate: Part One, Sets

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Brompton Technology’s Tessera LED processors were chosen by TDC – Technical Direction Company to deliver Australia’s first full Virtual Production.

In light : of the time features the drawings of Jamar Roberts, with text by Carl Hancock Rux and Hope Boykin, and lighting design by Alan C. Edwards.

Along with acoustical treatments, the Hall now features Bag End Crystal2-I mid-high speakers, two Bag End CDS-110"s and two Bag End bass columns