Cornucopia: Björk's Move Into Theatricality

lighting design and video design for Bjork's Cornucopia at The Shed

Poet loves working with Björk as well: “It was exciting and challenging. A lot of things come from left field. There’s only one Björk in the world, and she is great at responding to what you present and pushing it in a Björk direction. She is a warm, energetic, joyous person to work with. She works hard, and she cares.” During the technical rehearsals in London, Björk was out front with the rest of the creative team. She was also super involved in the design from the beginning. Poet says, “We had a day meeting at her house in Iceland. She’s really perceptive about how she feels the music should be presented and the energy of songs. She is very eloquent, and she’s very good at describing how she imagines things. It was very much a group discussion.”

Cornucopia: Björk's Move Into Theatricality

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