Cornucopia: Björk's Move Into Theatricality

lighting design and video design for Bjork's Cornucopia at The Shed

“It’s a big, big empty space,” says lighting designer Bruno Poet. “From the outside, the idea of having this shell over the plaza is exciting and it’s an exciting piece of engineering. But it’s kind of like showing up in a field and building a tent at a festival. There is no backstage infrastructure.” The space has massive trusses, which fly up and retract with the roof. The grid in the space is about 100' in the air, making the space seemingly as tall above the truss as below it. There’s no storage or stock theatrical scenery or masking in The Shed’s inventory. The sound in The Shed is rather unforgiving. Björk’s team installed extensive draping to cover the windows and transform the venue into a theater.

Cornucopia: Björk's Move Into Theatricality

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