By Design: David Zinn's Sets and Costumes for SpongeBob SquarePants

Sponge Bob Square Pants

David Zinn designed the sets and costumes for the Broadway musical, SpongeBob SquarePants, winning a Tony Award for his zany scenic work, and a nomination for his colorful costumes. In all, this stage version of the animated Nickelodeon kid's show garnered 12 Tony nominations, including Kevin Adams's lighting, sound by Walter Trarbach and Mike Dobson, Best Musical, Best Direction for Tina Landau, etc. 

"Making the translation from cartoon to stage was the primary goal of some of our early workshops, whether it was about how the characters moved or what the town of Bikini Bottom looked like," says Zinn. And RE-inventing it—capturing its essence but making it new—was the brief both from Tina and from Nickelodeon from the get-go. But the spirit of the cartoon, which is equal parts anarchy, comedy, surreal smash-up, and a preponderance of found-objects (everything in Bikini Bottom is made out of things that theoretically could have floated to the bottom of the sea) has been our guide all the way through. Just seen through our own lens."

Scroll through the gallery for more on the set and costume design. Check out more coverage on the designs of the 2018 Tony Award nominees.


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