By Design: David Rockwell At The Shed

production design The Shed

It’s interesting that as an architect of the McCourt space, Rockwell also had the opportunity to address it from the designer's point of view. “The concept was always to push structural flexibility to the absolute limit in order to satisfy the widest possible range of creative impulses, needs, and desires,” he explains. “As a designer, walking into The Shed, there is this feeling of endless possibility. The space will conform to whatever you dream up. And, from a logistical point-of-view, everything has been thought of, from ease of load in and load out, to how you get support, to how you get power, and so on. Of course, I’m biased, but now having had the chance to work in the space as a designer, I can say with confidence that The Shed provides artists with the freedom that Liz Diller and I always hoped it would. Having spent more than a decade on the building itself, being able to have a hand in welcoming our first audiences felt like a thrilling culmination.”

By Design: David Rockwell At The Shed

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