Audio Analyzers

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We can think of a million reasons beyond checking show levels to keep a noise meter in your pocket—not least of which is your hearing health. If you have a suite of audio analysis tools in your pocket, you’ll be ready for (almost) anything. The AudioTools iOS app ($19.99) is a set of professional-grade audio and acoustic analysis apps, including an SPL meter, real-time analyzer, FFT, speaker polarity test, line level tests, and a mono/stereo recorder. Other apps to try: Studio Six Digital AudioTools, Audio Spectrum Analyzer Pro, NIOSH Sound Level Meter, Decibel Meter Pro for iOS, FrequenSee or Sound Meter Pro (above) for Android, or Decibel X for both. (Most of these apps work with your device’s embedded microphone, but adding an external measurement mic will improve their accuracy.)

Audio Analyzers

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