31 Days Of Plots: NY Quadrille Series

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"The lighting design for John Jasperse’ Hinterland was created with my rep plot for the NY Quadrille series," says Levasseur. "During this festival at the Joyce, the stage crew builds the stage out into the audience and installs a riser block upstage, thus creating as much of an in-the-round situation possible in a normally strictly front facing venue. Choreographers are commissioned to create new works on this re-configured stage, a 25'3'' x 35'-9'' rectangle straddling the proscenium. 

"Because there are no sidelight possibilities in this configuration, I asked for a light-colored floor so that some light would bounce back up onto the dancers. The gray marley works well because for the most part it can be a neutral surface without making it look like the dancers are dancing in a void.

"The plot consists mostly of conventional systems with some color-changing and re-focusing of specials between show weeks. The workhorses of the plot are 12 Martin by Harman Mac Aura XB units, which serve mostly as downlight. These also provide most of the color that gets used but are also helpful for effects and some specials usage. For Hinterland, the palette was very desaturated except for an additional system of R368 to support the blue motif coming from the costume design."

31 Days Of Plots: NY Quadrille Series

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