We Will Rock You Returns To Madrid With A J-Type

The Spanish production of the hit musical We Will Rock You recently returned to Madrid's Calderón Theatre after a successful national tour, complete with a Cadac J-Type Live Production Console supplied by local rental company Milán Acústica. Featuring sound design by Javier G. Isequilla, the show has been touring around Spain for the past two years, and was initially scheduled to run in Madrid for a three-month period. This has been extended until the end of 2007, thanks to the show's continuing popularity and excellent ticket sales, which won We Will Rock You the coveted "Gold Ticket Award."

Autograph Sound Recording supplyied the sound equipment for the original Madrid production. Bobby Aitken's original sound design centered around a J-Type console, which was replaced with a Yamaha PM-1D desk for the touring production. Milán Acústica was appointed to handle the show tour, with Javier G. Isequilla responsible for the sound design. It is the tour version of the show that returned to Madrid.

Eugenio Ortiz of Milán Acústica comments on the show's success to date: "We Will Rock You continues to be a huge success here in Spain, and we are glad to have a part in the show. For the opening at the Calderón, we supplied a fully specified 96-input J-Type, complete with Cadac's Sound Automation Manager software to handle the complex MIDI commands and sound effects. There is a lot of gear involved—we are using Akai Z4 samplers, Alesis HD24 multitracks, and for effects, TC Electronics M2000s, M3000s, Yamaha S-Rev1s, and Eventide H3000s. There are 32 radio mics in total on the show, using a combination of Sennheiser SK-50s and SK05012s with DPA capsules and headsets. We also have an AVIOM monitoring system, enabling the artists and musicians to control their own monitor mixes. The main PA system is a combination of JBL Vertec VT-4889 and 4880 boxes, with Crown amplifiers, as well as Meyer Sound's CQ-1s, CQ-2s, UPM-1Ps, UPA-2Ps for fills."

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