Symetrix Releases Version 2.0 Of Zone Mix 760 Software

Symetrix is now shipping version 2.0 of the Integrator Series Zone Mix 760 paging and music management system. Hot on the heels of version 1.2, the new 2.0 was designed in response to user feedback.

Version 2.0 adds and refines a number of feature enhancements to the 760, a zone mixer that is designed to deliver the optimal feature set and I/O count needed for restaurants, hotels, sports bars and nightclubs at a ground-breaking price. New features include full support for the analog control inputs, each of which can accept up to two switches/control voltages or one potentiometer . And as the 760 is used in heavily trafficked, public areas, Symetrix has added an emergency system integration feature that accepts a logic input from an emergency system to mute all outputs, or route input 3 to specified outputs at specified volumes in case of any emergency. As the 760 is apt to be controlled by an ARC wall panel, Symetrix has added support for linking certain sets of zone, output faders and mutes for ease of use. In addition, the “start screen” from the newly- released Deuce 722 was implemented in this new software to help users start using the product.

The first product in the new Integrator Series, which incorporates processing taken directly from the proven technology embodied in the SymNet™ DSP toolbox, the Zone Mix 760 offers 12 inputs (four microphone, eight stereo line level) and six outputs. It features microphone pre-amplification, compression, AGC, matrix mixing, paging, feedback elimination, filters and equalization, and Ambient Noise Compensation within a single rack space. Setup is easy and efficient with a straightforward Windows® interface connected over Ethernet. The 760 is also compatible with Symetrix Adaptive Remote Control (ARC) wall panels for user control.

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