Sound Product Of The Year, Digital Signal Processing: Focusrite Rednet MPR8

Sound Product Of The Year, Digital Signal Processing: Focusrite Rednet MPR8

The top products of the past year are here once again. Chosen by our panels of prestigious judges in three categories—lighting, projection, and sound—several months were spent debating the Live Design 2015-2016 Products Of The Year

Focusrite has some serious pedigree in the world of digital signal processing (DSP), dating back to the 1980s and the designs of Rupert Neve, working with no less than Sir George Martin. Perhaps better known historically in the recording side of the biz, the company has evolved to produce professional sound products for various markets. RedNet is its flagship range of modular Ethernet-networked audio interfaces, using Audinate Dante to “make the show sound like the album,” a request the company says is ever-present. The MPR8 eight-channel remote-controlled mic pre and A/D converter is “another triumph,” says one of our judges, with another adding that the “RedNet units are some of the bestselling and most trusted, best-sounding Dante interfaces out there.”

Products of the year will be presented along with the Live Design Achievement Awards and the ninth annual Excellence in Live Design Awards on June 13 in New York.

For more information, download the latest issue of Live Design for free onto your iPad or iPhone from the Apple App Store, and onto your Android smartphone and tablet from Google Play, or our new interactive PDF version. All versions are available free here.

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