Software Design Ahnert Releases Ease Focus 1.4

Software Design Ahnert GmbH (SDA) has released version 1.4 of Ease Focus, its freely available, publicly licensed program for configuring line arrays and modelling their performance.

“The aim of the Ease Focus project is to provide both end users and R&D engineers with an intuitive, mathematically correct, manufacturer-independent program for line array configuration and modelling,” explains Stefan Feistel, CEO of SDA. “New products can be added and existing products modified without changing a single line of code.”

Version 1.4 includes English, German, and Spanish translations of the software and help files, and updates to AutoSplay, the mapping displays and other important functions. SDA has simplified the array configuration process and made it more intuitive in Version 1.4. The Ease Focus Installer is available as a ZIP download from the Ease Focus website .

Ease Focus provides accurate predictions of line array performance using the same acoustic engine as Ease, the industry standard software for simulating and designing acoustical environments and sound systems. Line array cabinets can be defined as complex models that include multiple sources. Other enhancements to Version 1.4 include extended Print Report functionality and improved online updates as well as enhanced modelling of ground-stacked configurations and subwoofers.

Over two dozen line array manufacturers currently license the Ease Focus Compiler and offer data files for Ease Focus. Ease Focus models line arrays in two dimensions, using the GLL (Generic Loudspeaker Library) data format developed by Software Design Ahnert and Acoustic Design Ahnert to consider the direct field created by the complex addition of individual loudspeakers or array elements. Key features of the intuitive and consistent Ease Focus user interface include:

- Aiming and color mapping display
- Zoomed rigging display and a full print report
- Levels over audience areas
- COM and tilt angle calculation for selected audience locations
- Interactive frequency response cursors and EQ capabilities
- Auto splay functions
Ease Focus provides a range of important acoustic calculations, such as:
- SPL in 1/3rd octaves, octaves, 3 octaves, broadband
- RMS, program and peak levels
- Flat and A-weighted levels
- Air attenuation according to ISO 9613
- Amplitude shading
- Optimized SPL calculation routines for interactive aiming.The program is based on the Microsoft.NET platform, and requires .NET Framework 1.1. Ease Focus runs best in a Microsoft Windows XP/2000 environment, but will also run under earlier Windows versions provided they have the latest system updates.

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