Smaart v.6 For PC, Mac



Smaart v.6 sound system measurement and analysis software for PC and Mac is available for download at the EAW Website and can also be purchased as a physical software package via the standard EAW dealer and distributor network. It features a rewrite of its underlying architecture that enhances multitasking, in addition to a new streamlined interface and full compatibility with Macintosh OS X. The software is now built from a unified cross-platform source base with near-complete parity between Mac OS X and Windows versions, in addition to working with Core Audio and ASIO drivers. It can also receive multichannel inputs via ASIO under Windows or Core Audio on Mac OS X, and simplifies the hardware setup requirements for operating a multi-microphone Smaart measurement rig. The new version has increased capability for storing, recalling, and displaying a virtually unlimited number of reference data traces such as frequency response and RTA. All captured measurements are now stored directly to the hard drive. Advanced trace averaging capabilities have also been added.

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