Schedule For Electronic Dance Music Master Classes For Sound

Schedule For Electronic Dance Music Master Classes For Sound

Pump up the volume for the first-ever Live Design Electronic Dance Music Master Classes for sound, led by Todd Konecny and Rupert Murray of Sound Investment Audio, our creative consultants and sound engineering/install/design professionals. These EDM Master Classes focus on all things audio with two days of in-depth sessions covering sound design and installation, signal processing, high output sound systems, clubs versus festival settings, and other essential issues on producing great-sounding EDM events. EDMMC Sound will be held during LDI, November 19-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For $595, one can enjoy the sessions of EDMMC Sound that are listed below, the LDI Exhibit Hall, lunches, and discounted admission to LDI 2014 Club Tour. Check out the EDMMC Sound schedule below, and register today!
Wednesday, November 19
9:00-9:30am: Continental breakfast
9:30am–10:30am: The History Of The Relationship With Sound Systems In EDM
Electronic dance music has shared a longstanding relationship with its sound systems. In this class, we will cover the history of EDM as we know it and what an integral part of that history the sound system holds, including sound systems in different environments for different genres of music: reggae/dancehall, hip hop, disco, house techno, Dnb dubstep, and more.
Speakers: Todd Konecny; Rupert Murray
10:30-10:45am: Break
10:45am-12:15pm: Aspects Of High Output Sound Systems
When putting together a festival sound system, a lot of time and energy is spent on the electrical components, but what happens when the sound leaves the speaker? This session will discuss the remarkable ways in which sound travels to our ears and what you can do to gain control over it. We’ll look at point source versus line source, horn-loaded versus reflex speakers, distributed versus low impedance, as well as direct measurement techniques, early reflection content and room modes, vibration isolation and sound transmission, and psychoacoustics.
Speakers: Todd Konecny; Rupert Murray
12:15-2:15pm: Lunch and Technology Showcase
2:15-3:45pm: Processing Theory
The debate rages on regarding MP3s and the sound quality of modern music distribution mediums. We will dig deep into how processing works digitally, electronically, and psycho-acoustically, including a look at some basic DSP math and linear systems, MP3 and other compression scenarios, lossy versus lossless, and psychoacoustic aspects of lossy compression.
Speakers: Todd Konecny; Rupert Murray
3:45-4:00pm Break
4:00-5:30pm: The Science Of System Settings
One of the most enjoyable things when dealing with sound is playing with all those buttons, faders, and knobs, but what is really happening electronically when you tweak that EQ? We’ll look at what is really taking place inside those beautiful boxes, including a discussion of analog versus digital; filter types, dynamics, limiter settings, gain structure, and crossovers; how amplifier power translates into SPL; cabinet type/design; and calculating thermal and electrical load of electrical components.
Speakers: Todd Konecny; Rupert Murray
5:30pm-7:00pm: Cocktail party and networking reception
Thursday, November 20, 2014
9:00-9:30am: Continental breakfast
9:30-11am: Electronic Dance Music Sound Master Class-Day Two
Guest speakers Jeff Novak of Drai’s, Las Vegas’ latest hot club, and other leading movers and shakers in the industry discuss interaction between DJs and system techs, including a discussion of advancing and stage preparation, monitor speakers, and more.
Speakers: Jeff Novak; Todd Konecny; Rupert Murray
11-11:15am Break
11:15-12:45: The Human Ear And Audio Perception
Andrews talks about audio quality and what it means to us as humans.
Speakers: Tony Andrews, Funktion One
12:45-2:30 Lunch and Technology Showcase
2:30-4:00pm: Logistics Of Dance Music Events
A discussion of what goes in to event creation, from the planning stage through technical specification and safety preparation, including booking acts, specifying the sound system, clubs versus festival, and municipal concerts.
Speakers: Todd Konecny; Rupert Murray
4:15-4:30 Break
4:30-6:00pm: Audio Networking And Routing
The time is gone when sending audio over distance required a huge bundle of cable. Now there are many options for distributing audio in high fidelity without the physical bulk. This class will discuss those options, their pros and cons, as well as their underlying theory, with a look at traditional hardware, audio over IP, options for going wireless, and fault monitoring and remote control.
Speakers: Todd Konecny; Rupert Murray
6:00-6:30: Todd Konecny And Rupert Murray: Final Q+A
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