New Product: d&b GSL System

d&b GSL System

The d&b GSL is the next-generation line array in the d&b series, positioned above the J, Y and V-Series loudspeakers. The GSL8 and GSL12 loudspeakers, with 80˚ and 120˚ horizontal dispersion, respectively, provide pattern control down to 45Hz. Two front-facing14” drivers and two side-firing 10” drivers extend low-frequency headroom toward the audience, eliminating the need for subwoofers flown behind or alongside the main hangs in some applications. Mid-range is delivered by a high-sensitivity horn loaded with a 10” driver, while three custom 3.4” diaphragm HF drivers mounted on a wave-shaping device provide high-frequency resolution and output. Each loudspeaker is driven in two-way active mode by the d&b D80 amplifier: one channel powers the 14” drivers, with all other components passively crossed over and powered by a second channel. The SL-SUB and SL-GSUB complement the low end with two forward facing 21” drivers and a single, rear facing 21” driver delivering the cardioid dispersion. The SL-SUB can be flown, while the SL-GSUB is designed for ground stacked applications. Driven in two-way active mode from two channels of the D80, the SPL and headroom reduces the number of subwoofers typically required. or

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