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New Product: Avid Venue S6L Software Update And On-Stage iOS App

New software update for Avid Venue S6L makes it easier to mix monitors and enables musicians to control their own monitor mixes on stage.

Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) has announced the availability of a new version of Avid Venue™ Software and new Avid Venue On-Stage iOS app for its Venue S6L live sound system. Powered by MediaCentral®, the software update and On-Stage app introduce a range of new control surface and software workflows for monitor engineers.

Available at no charge to Avid’s live sound customer community, the new On-Stage app gives monitor engineers using S6L the ability to remotely control any mix from any location. This enables monitor engineers to step away from their system and fine-tune individual monitor mixes while walking around on stage. The app also allows up to 16 performers to take control of individual monitor mixes using a user interface on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod.

In addition to its On-Stage app support, Venue software offers new features and enhancements to S6L, including access to sends as well as access to members of a mix with the new Sends on Faders button. Engineers can now also maintain the Aux, Group, Matrix, or VCA master fader position when spilling its members for better efficiency, as well as better visibility into VCA members in Meters view. avid.com/S6L

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