Neutrik Introduces Several New Accessories

Neutrik®, designer and manufacturer of the XX series XLR cable connector has introduced several new accessories: SCDR, a D-size rear protection cover; BXX-CR, a XX bushing with clear ring; and HTXP, an assembly tool for Neutrik’s XX and PX series.

The SCDR is a soft plastic cover for the rear end of several D-size chassis connectors, such as Neutrik’s PowerCon, Speakon, OpticalCon, and XLR. It is used to protect the gap between connector and cable. The protection cover works with all common wires and cables by simply cutting off the cover end to the preferred diameter. The SCDR protects against electric shock when using PowerCon; creates airtight assembly and powered speakers with the XLR; and offers LC dust protection on the rear end of OpticalCon.

Due to the popularity of its clear coding rings, Neutrik has introduced the BXX-CR for a more cost-effective approach and faster assembly. The accessory kit consists of a black XX boot without the standard XXR coding ring and a clear ring XXCR instead. This saves assemblers time and money, as they do not have to replace the standard ring before assembling the clear ring.

Neutrik’s HTXP hand tool for its XX and PX series is the newest addition to the wide range of assembly tools now offered by the company. The HTXP can either tighten the XX boot or the bushing for the new PX plug series.

“As the industry continues to evolve, we are dedicated to upgrading our products and introducing accessories that make life easier for professional installers,” says Jim Cowan, president of Neutrik USA. “Our cost-effective solutions offer installers simpler assembly and greater efficiency.”

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