Neumann Mics Chosen For RPG'S SIAP System

RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc. has integrated four Neumann KM 185 miniature hypercardioid microphones with an electronic architecture processing system to assist in certification training for the System for Improved Acoustic Performance (SIAP). The SIAP system is a state-of-the-art early reflections and reverberation processor that may be used to create real electro-acoustic architecture in an acoustic environment such as an auditorium or worship space that is optimally matched to the requirements of any speech or music presentation.

"RPG Diffusor Systems have been representing SIAP Acoustic Systems, based in the Netherlands, for almost twenty years," explains Dr. Peter D'Antonio, president/CEO and founder of RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc. "They have just released their new Mk. IV electronic architecture processor. That system requires the processor, a small number of microphones, and a series of amplifiers and loudspeakers. In our 32-output system we are using four of the hypercardioid Neumann KM 185 microphones."

D'Antonio reports, "We are utilizing it as a training tool for acousticians and sound contractors to teach them how to design, install and tune the systems." SIAP B.V. of Uden in the Netherlands specifies the Neumann KM 185 as one of the microphone models suitable for use with the company's SIAP system. The reason for this is the high performance standard in combination with the small microphone size, which enables discrete installation.

Using the SIAP system the acoustics of any performance space may be improved and optimized for the specific type of presentation, allowing the environment to become acoustically multipurpose. Taking the sound captured by the microphones from the stage and in the auditorium, the advanced digital processor creates early reflections, frequency dependent reverberation and area independent level control, using over a hundred decorrelated FIR signals, thereby generating subtle improvements in the acoustical environment through a series of loudspeakers discretely positioned around the performance space.

"In our particular space we have programmed the processor to create a speech setting, a solo setting, a small ensemble setting, a symphonic setting and a large hall reverberation setting," shares D'Antonio. The SIAP system is designed to improve acoustics for speech applications such as stage plays or conferences, as well as for soloists performing with a small ensemble or large orchestra, and even to provide in-fill to seating areas unsatisfactorily covered by an amplified reinforcement system.

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