LDI New Product: PK Sound Trinity

LDI New Product: PK Sound Trinity

Trinity from PK Sound has been designed specifically to provide headroom, with a 6,000W Class D amplifier that maximizes power and aims to ensure clarity. The patent-pending Coherent Midrange Integrator (CMI) wave guide has the ability to focus high-frequency energy, increasing efficiency and enhancing long-throw capability. The CIR combines mid and high frequencies with precisely spaced low frequency apertures to ensure that every audience member hears the same quality sound. Auto-align rigging allows a single person to fly an entire system in less than 15 minutes, according to the manufacturer. Electrically actuated systems inside each module allow continuous horizontal adjustment between 60° and 120°, with 10° resolution and continuous vertical adjustment from 0° to 6° with 0.1° resolution. PK’s Kontrol™ software allows full remote control of all DSP functions and the vertical/horizontal characteristics of the array, while an LCD menu on the rear of each module allows control of horizontal and vertical angles. www.pksound.ca

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