LDI New Product: ELC Lighting GWP Range of Green-GO Wall Panels


ELC Lighting expands its Green-GO digital intercom product line with the GWP range of Green-GO wall panels as part of its Ethernet-based intercom and cue light system. The system can be used with just two basic beltpacks and a PoE Ethernet network straight from the box or configured with multiple outstations for up to a maximum of 3,750 users and up to 250 groups (or partylines/rings) with no degradation of the Ethernet network. The range includes GWP-HS, a panel-mounted version of the GBP2 beltpack with direct access to two channels (a single direct user or a group) with a headset/mic connection. The GWP-SP model has an integrated loudspeaker and microphone in place of the XLR4 headset connector. GWP for cue light display and acknowledgement only is a large LCD display with a cue acknowledgement pushbutton and RGB backlight that provides a cue light warn/go and text display.

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