LDI New Product:  Analog Way Pulse²

LDI New Product: Analog Way Pulse²

Pulse² is a mixer/native matrix switcher based on the new Midra platform. It offers some features inherited from the LiveCore series, Analog Way’s range of presentation mixers. Compared to the original Pulse, the new version comes in a 2RU enclosure with a deeper chassis, ensuring better air circulation and cooling of the device. The product offers upgraded connectivity through eight seamless inputs and 14 input plugs: four universal analog, four DVI-D, four HDMI, and two 3G-SDI plugs. With the CleanCut effect, it can seamlessly switch between any of its 14 input plugs without fade-through black or loss of sync. EDID management is now standard for inputs one through six for computer sources. The unit features a matrix mode with two outputs. To fit any display resolution, including non-standard formats like LED walls and rear-projection cubes, it offers custom output format management.

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