Danley Designs TH-Mini Subwoofer

Danley Sound Labs is introducing the TH-Mini, a tapped horn subwoofer in a sub-compact form. Featuring a single, 12-inch long excursion driver in a patent-pending enclosure design measuring only 24 inches along its longest side, the TH-Mini utilizes the same design philosophy and tapped horn technology as Danley Sound Labs' larger subwoofer systems.

The loudspeaker is capable of delivering 128dB SPL/131dB SPL Peak (134dB SPL/137dB SPL Peak @ 180 Hz) over an operating frequency range of 45Hz - 160Hz (+/- 3dB), and offers an input power rating of 700W continuous (1400W program) with a sensitivity of 101dB SPL (+/-1dB, 50Hz - 100Hz). The TH-Mini measures just 24"(H) x 15"(W) x 20" (D) and weighs 77 lbs. (609.6 mm x 381 mm x 508 mm and 34.9 kgs.).

Notes Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs, "Tom Danley is possibly the most creative audio innovator around. He goes from designing the mammoth Matterhorn to this tiny subwoofer that delivers great sounding low-end."

Where space permits, multiple TH-Mini subwoofers may be arrayed. The enclosures are optionally available with rigging points for flown operation and installation. The rugged units are constructed from 13-ply 18 mm Baltic birch with internal bracing and include a steel grill.

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