Audiophile-Grade Headphones And Phono Cartridges From The Grado Family

Audiophile-Grade Headphones And Phono Cartridges From The Grado Family

Do you know the Grado family, who lives on 7th Ave? Well, if you're an audiophile, you're going to want to. This family has been producing high-quality, handmade headphones from their Brooklyn home since 1953, according to Wired.
Master watchmaker, Joseph Grado invented the moving coil phono cartridge, secured 48 patents, and founded Grado Labs. Using his watchmaking abilities and careful precision, Grado produced high-end phono cartridge designs and headphones, which the family business continues to deliver today. In the late 1980s, Grado released the Joseph Grado Signature Series of headphones, whose high-quality sound amazed reviewers.
John Grado took over as CEO in the 1990s and redesigned the phono cartridges with the wooden Reference and Statement series, which won a Golden Note Award for analog design. Of the Prestige Black model of phono cartridges, John Borwick of Gramophone wrote, "The Grado brought out most of the tonal accuracy and excitement, and though I've heard better, that was only with cartridges costing about 10 times the price." 
From drilling plastic gimbal rings in the basement to testing every headphone on their specially designed, hi-fi stack speakers, this family is all about the small details that make big differences. And now, the third generation has stepped in with Jonathan, VP of marketing, who plans to continue that reputation with the launch of the 'e' series of headphones this year. 
To check out their products or learn more about the Grado family history, visit the Grado Labs website here. Watch this video of Grado Labs with TechCrunch Makers.

For the full article, visit Wired.


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