Some Nifty Apollo Products


Apollo has invented some nifty things which caught my eye. 


Their new wrenches are pretty awesome and are clearly designed with us in mind.  Super convenient and easy to use, I like the reduced weight and added flexibility of the common bolt sizes on the opposite end.  Their Little Focus 5 is also a great thing to have in the tool bag for a focus call.  You can buy these items for a limited time on the web.  Inquire at the booth for details. 


The Perma Penny might just be the coolest little gadget, ever.  No more awkward truss condoms or pennies when bolting lights to truss.  This little device slides on to any industry c-clamp and travels with that clamp.  It’s easy to use and makes protecting the truss easy and cleaner than other methods.  I’m sure electricians will like the fact the Perma Penny keeps the unit electrically “bonded” to the truss. 


Make sure to check out Apollo in booth 1441. 



Lance Darcy is a Lighting Designer for The Lighting Design Group, based in New York City.  He also writes the LD On The DL Blog for Live Design.

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