Fit for a Prince: Pulsar LED Technology


The Prince Bar centrally located in Athlone, Ireland, has undergone a large-scale refurbishment program. The new design is suited to the bar’s active lunchtime trade and its upbeat lounge vibe in the evening.

Owner John Callanan of the Callanan Group wanted something contemporary and believed that a legendary lighting design would be key to the atmosphere and identity of the venue. He relied on ICAN Technology to create his vision.

Prince Bar is located in a huge building, which was divided into zones, each with its own innovative décor and purpose. The Downstairs floor incorporates a sandwich bar, a modern lounge and bar section under sweeping ceilings, another small cocktail bar, and various seating areas subtly divided from the rest of the floor plan for ultimate comfort and privacy.

Pulsar’s ChromaDomes and ChromaStrips were the main fixtures used to create a cohesive look throughout the bar and contributed to the warm timbers, earthy tiles, and dark cranberry and brown leathers throughout the rooms.

The lighting scheme was programmed for subtle, slow changes and beautiful, embracing tones that would highlight and enhance the Prince’s architectural features. The color mixing is achieved through LED technology, which was selected for its long life and low maintenance.

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