Digital Projection Projects Sanctuary at Baptist Church


Digital Projection International (DPI), the Emmy Award-winning manufacturer of projection systems, announced First Baptist Church of Woodstock has installed two of its LIGHTNING 28sx projectors in the main sanctuary of its new campus located in the Northwest suburb of Atlanta, GA.

DPI's 3-chip DLP™ LIGHTNING 28sx projectors are utilized in a rear-projection configuration onto two 15' by 38' screens located above and behind the Church's pulpit. The 14,000-member Church utilizes the LIGHTNING projectors to provide colorful visuals for its multiple Worship services, special events and other activities likehigh school graduation ceremonies.

For its Sunday worship services, First Baptist Woodstock projects live digital camera feeds, hymn text, and computer graphics support. Additionally, the services are streamed live on their website to an average of 7,000 viewers per week.

DPI's projectors were selected for many reasons, according to the Church staff. Adequate brightness was critical,because the 7,000-plus-seat sanctuary has a great deal of uncontrollable ambient light. Also, the projctors had to be proven and reliable, since they will be used for long periods on many occasions.

The most important reason the church chose DPI's projectors, according to Doug Whitney, First Baptist of Woodstock's Video Director, was the way they could help Senior Pastor Johnny M. Hunt and other staff members deliver the Church's message to its congregation in a more dynamic way. This was especially important during the Church's very first Sunday services in its new sanctuary in early October, which drew more than 14,000 people.

"We could not be more pleased with DPI's LIGHTNING projectors," said Whitney. "With these projectors, the sky's the limit. Their imaging quality and versatility make them an exceptional support element and communications tool for our growing congregation."

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