XL Video Debuts At PLASA 2005


XL Video is exhibiting at PLASA for the first time to introduce the company to the business and live event communications sector of the AV industry, demonstrating the crossover potential of XL Video concert touring equipment.

XL will showcase a selection of key products–including the latest LED screen technology from Barco and Lighthouse Technologies, and Main Light Industries’ Soft-LED curtain. XL hopes to illustrate how video equipment and techniques from the world of rock ‘n’ roll and concert touring can crossover into theatre, conferences, and other live events.

Select Products On Show:

NEW: Lighthouse R16i/o
R16i/o (indoor/outdoor) is a 16mm pixel pitch LED screen. It’s an ideal LED product for high quality small to large outdoor applications. In addition to the usual attributes expected from a modular LED screen–good resolution, color uniformity, reproduction and contrast, easy rigging–the Lighthouse R16i/o is lighter weight than any comparative LED screen. Weighing less than 65kg per sq.m., it allows a larger screen within any given load limit.

Barco MiPIX
The versatile MiPIX is a modular intelligent four SMD LED pixel block, measuring just 40.3mmx40.3mmx22mm D. Weighing only 34g, its small size and shape allow it to be moulded into just about any shape; MiPIX are plugged into a bespoke frame of the user’s chosen resolution or pattern. They are invaluable as building blocks to create intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backdrops and stage sets. They can also run video content, like 3D logos or other free-form shapes. The MiPIX can be spaced apart at various distances, and so are a cost-effective medium. Each MiPIX pixel block delivers a brightness of 1,300 Nit and a resolution of 20mm. The SMD LED technology means a flat-panel MiPIX display can accommodate viewing angles of up to 145º.

Developed for U2’s groundbreaking Vertigo world tour, the MiSPHERE is a tiny, plastic-encased LED spherical module with the ability to play both full video and data. The MiSPHERE traverses the gap between video and lighting products–it is ideal for both applications. Individual MiSPHEREs can be daisy-chained into a string, and the strings turn into a 3D visualization curtain. Each MiSPHERE is effectively a pixel within the curtain, so it can display images and simulate lighting effects across the entire surface, while retaining a "Look-Through" effect. With 360º viewing angles, the MiSPHEREs provide multiple angle on all sides.

Main Light Soft-LED™
XL Video was the first UK company to invest in Main Light Industries’ revolutionary Soft-LED™ curtain, which has been used on Kylie Minogue’s Showgirl tour and numerous live business events. The Soft-LED displays designs and graphics on plush, high-quality black drapery. The technology uses a combination of custom-designed LED grids, cutting-edge fiber optics, and specialized processing technology. It is manufactured in three resolution levels with frosted or clear lenses.

XL Video has operations in England, Belgium, Germany, and the US.

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