Top 5 Projection Mapping Triumphs Of V Squared Labs

V Squared Labs has earned a reputation for groundbreaking, mind blowing, and bar-setting experiential visual designs. This design team has created some of the most epic projection mapping in the industry, according to Ill.Methodology.

CEO and creative art director Vello Virkaus has worked on productions with big names like Krewella, Skrillex, and Dillon Francis. Here are our top five.

5. Dillon Francis - The 'Gary'

The "Gary," inspired by the architectural designs of Frank Gehry, is an abstract structure that inhabits two planes, one in front of DJ Dillon Francis, and one behind. This three dimensional video structure has an array of openings that are lined with highly reflective mirrored vinyl to bounce the video out to the crowd. Pizza Slime Crew helped create the funky, psychedelic visuals.

4. The Krewella Crystal Volcano

A massive 30' x 18' superstructure - 'The Volcano.' V Squared Labs collaborated with Stefano Novelli to create this structure for Krewella's Get Wet Live tour. This is custom stage features reflection-mapped faceted crystals, which create infinite reflections due to their one-way and two-way mirrored acrylic. Forget diamonds - give me that.

3. Infected Mushroom

The Infected Mushroom Fungus Among Us Experience was conceptualized and produced by Heather Shaw, CEO of Vita Motus Design Studio, and features two 3D, geometric pods, which are lined with color-changing LEDs and projection mapped on the inside and outside with visual content by V Squared Labs. Inside these pods, collaborating DJs, Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani, play for the crowd. Check out this project in the Vita Motus portfolio here.

2. The Skrillex Cell

There's a first for everything they say, and this was a real first: EDM fans witnessed the giant projected avatar of their DJ, Skrillex, transform from robot to monster, while playing the beats in real-time motion. V Squared Labs collaborated with Production Club, Phil Reyneri, Leviathan, and Blood Company to bring about the Skrillex Cell, which debuted in 2011 during the first Mothership Tour.

1. Amon Tobin: ISLAM

We saved the best for last: the ISLAM tour, which utterly impacted the world of projection mapping and stage design, setting the bar so high that it has been tough to beat in the last three years since its debut in 2011. Virkahus and the V Squared Labs team created the visual content for this project, which was again headed by CEO of Vita Motus Design Studio, Heather Shaw, who is the concept creator, designer, and production designer. The stage is comprised of stacked geometric cubes that flip and morph, and includes a personal cube for Amon Tobin. Check out this project in the Vita Motus portfolio here.

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For the full article, visit Ill.Methodology.

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